KOMATSU D150A-1 and D155A-1

We have had steering clutch discs produced, both friction discs and steel separator plates, for the D150A-1 and D155A-1 steering clutches. 

Quantities required are based upon your model, serial number, and  the condition of your clutch.

Check your clutches closely.  You can often get by with only replacing the friction discs.  Use your best judgment for evaluating your steel plates.  You do not want to install plates that are rough and will accelerate the wear on your new fiber discs.  Clean them with wire brushes, sandblasting, or whatever it takes to get them as smooth as possible and then make your decision.  It is up to you of course, but unless you just like to pull wrenches, these steering clutches are not that much fun to have to remove and reinstall because you tried to save a hundred dollar bill.

GRIMY_Man_SM.jpg (55040 bytes)  We can usually ship on the same day any items we have in stock that do not have to be pulled from a machine. 
We are set up to offer the payment choices of either Visa, Master Card, or the PayPal option (to the account of

All items below are in stock and if you would like to get any of them on the way just let us know!  If you are in the US you may call  1-800-531-9021 or if you are outside the US, 1 208 342 8911.  You may also email for orders/questions.

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am Eastern Time to 6 pm Eastern Time (8 am Mtn Time to 4 pm Mtn Time).  We are located 20 miles east of Boise, Idaho.


175-22-21150  Bimetallic friction discs  34.60 ea
 (check your manual, different models used different quantities)

175-22-21160  Steel separator plates   22.10
 (check your manual, different models used different quantities)

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email   for orders or questions.

CONTACT OUR OFFICE at 1-208-342-8911

General Gear and Machine, 733 Desert Wind Rd.,
Boise, Idaho, 83716  US
*All prices are in USD & do not include shipping
All prices are for new aftermarket unless stated otherwise
All OEM part numbers are for references only


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